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Company Profile

  Nantong Yangzi Carbon Co.,.Ltd. is located in Nantong, Jiangsu,the predecessor is Nantong Carbon Co. Ltd.,which is established in 1958. On March of 2008,it has been transferred into the joint stock company.The company registered capital is RMB 379,098,980 in total. The company shareholding structure are as follows: 41.108% is held by Nantong Qingtian Industrial Co., Ltd.; 31.5193% is held by Nantong Industrial Holding Group Ltd. 15.3501% is held by Nantong Investment Management Co.,Ltd.; 0.8061% is held by Nantong Sansheng Graphite Technology Joint Stock Co. Ltd,and also other 22 natural person hold the left 11.2165% . The registered address is 208 XISHI STREET, GANGZHA, NANTONG.


  Legal representative and Chairman and Party Secretary: Liu Ming

  Mobile: 0086-13901481220

  Office Tel: 0086-513-85559256

  E-mail Add: ntliuming@163.com

  Nantong Yangzi Carbon Co., Ltd., as the vice-president unit of the China Carbon Industry Association, is among the top 3 domestic  UHP graphite electrodes producers. Nantong Yangzi Carbon has already set up the cooperation with Matex Co.Japan on the technology of producing UHP graphite electrodes for metallurgy and steel making from 1994. Nantong Yangzi Carbon, also is  manufacturer and exporter of UHP graphite electrodes of various specification. Our UHP graphite electrodes are lauched onto the market 7 years earlier than that of the second domestic manufactuer.

  The company’s main products include UHP graphite electrodes of sizes fromφ350mm to φ750mm for metallurgy and steel making, carbon heteromorphosis products, high-level graphite powder used for lithium battery, graphite carbon sleeve, crucible, graphite antioxidant. release agent for the refractory and etc,relevant products. Nantong Yangzi Carbon as the unique manufacturer of graphite anode plate products for large-scale magnesium electrolysis cells benifits from introducing the foreign advanced production process and technology. The physicial and chemical indicators, the quality of the products all reach the domestic and international leading level.

  Our company focous mainly on the management of quality and has passed the ISO9001 standard accre