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Antioxidants for Graphite products

SANBO – 103R, an oxidization-proofing agent, consists of several kinds of special blended fine ceramics powders dispersed in the aqueous solution evenly. Through impregnation, SANBO – 103R penetrates deeply into the graphite products and forms a strong oxidization-proofing layer on the surface of the electrode as well as inner surface of pores. Therefore, the graphite products have good electrical conductivity and a longer service life at high temperature

It is Suitable for porous graphite material, mainly used in graphite electrode of Arc steel-making furnace.
Impregnation in a shorter time can help protect GE surface from oxidation
After impregnation,GE can dry naturally
Thegraphite products (graphite electrode) has good water resistance and thermal shock resistance after impregnation.
Product Parameters:
Appearance:Transparent liquid withivory color
Content of solid:  27wt%                           
Viscosity :   5~10cp

Application Methods:Impregnation at atmospheric pressure

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Package and transport:

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