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Graphite Crucibles

Product Description:
Our company’s graphite crucibles are produced with high-quality raw materials, which have the advantages of high temperature resistance, fast heat transferring speed, high mechanical strength, oxidation resistance, high density, corrosion resistance, good conductivity and stable chemical performance. The products’ quality is stable and reliable, and can be used for the graphiting production of negative electrode materials. The products have been constantly in great demand and well received by users.
There are Φ500X820mm, Φ500X740mm, Φ 600X905mm specifications, other specifications can be customized according to customer requirements.
Product display:

Precautions For Use:
1. The graphite crucibles shall be kept away from moisture and must be stored in the dry place.
2. The graphite crucibles shall be handled with care when carrying and shall not be dropped or shaked.
3. The charging shall be based on the capacity of the graphite crucibles, and excessive charging is not allowed.
4. The excessive use of combustion aids and additives will reduce the service life of the graphite crucibles.