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Graphite Anode

Graphite anode is an important material of magnesium electrolytic cell, which is directly exposed to the molten working electrolyte and constantly scouring the electrolyte when the electrolyte flows. If the electrode quality is poor, it is easy to break due to erosion, which will lead to the increase of cell voltage and cell temperature, and increase the oxidation loss of magnesium. Therefore, the electrode quality will be the main factor affecting magnesium electrolysis. Graphite anode can be customized according to customer requirements.

Product Description:
Learning from Japanese technology, Nantong Yangzi Carbon Co.,Ltd. is the only domestic manufacturer mastering matured graphite anode production process .
High quality needle coke as raw material, coal pitch as binder, graphite anode plate is manufactured through batching, mixing, molding, roasting, graphiting, machining and other processes. The anode plate is divided into three parts, pile head, exposed part and impregnated part.
There are 18 circular arc corrugated grooves in the impregnated part, which increases the surface part exposed to the solution, so that the conductive part of the anode plate is increased, and the anode plate can withstand and pass through the electrode current with higher ampere density. The depth of the two outermost corrugated grooves is shallower than that of the other 16 corrugated grooves, so that there is a transition zone between the exposed part and the impregnated part to ensure that the anode plate is not easy to break.
The exposed part of the anode plate can be coated with antioxidant to improve the corrosion resistance of the anode plate and prolong its service life.

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