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Nantong carbon culture project

  Enterprise culture construction is the internal power and important support of enterprise development. How to construct enterprise culture which has the feature of Nantong Carbon and meets the quick development requirement of Nantong Carbon has become an important work of the company currently.
  1.Goal of enterprise culture construction: fully utilizing various enterprise resources, and promoting sustainable economic development of the company; condensing people's hearts to form resultant force, and constructing harmonious development environment,improving the overall quality of staff, and improving internal and external enterprise image; and enhancing core competitiveness of the enterprise.and striving for creating a domestic first-class carbon enterprise.
  2.Contents of enterprise culture construction: (1) establishing enterprise philosophy; (2) establishing behavioral norms; (3) extracting enterprise spirit; and (4) shaping enterprise image, namely staff image, product image and environmental image.
  3.Form and method of enterprise culture construction: (1) making organizational mobilization; (2) standardizing training system; (3) guiding work innovation; (4) exerting typical demonstration effect; and (5) positively creating atmosphere by using various carriers.
  4.Implementation steps of enterprise culture construction: (1) scheme construction stage which mainly includes the following work tasks: firstly, constructing related organizations of company culture construction; secondly, giving lessons by Japanese experts; thirdly, drafting company culture construction scheme, carrying out wide learning and discussion, asking for opinions and modifying and perfecting and finally holding enterprise culture construction