2500T press extrusion ring production tender documents


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According to production needs, Nantong Yangzi Carbon Co., Ltd.’s pressing and baking workshop needs to order 4 extrusion rings for the 25th press. Based on the principles of fairness, justice, voluntariness, and integrity, it conducts public bidding and selects the best suppliers. The relevant matters are hereby announced as follows: 1. Requirements for the production of extrusion rings: 1. Make the blanks of the extrusion rings according to the size of the drawing; 2. Material of the extrusion rings: QT600-3 3. There must be no shrinkage cavity, looseness, cracks and other defects in the holes, and there must be no repair welding phenomenon. 4. The size of the extrusion ring is based on the size requirements of the drawing, leaving enough machining allowance

According to the production needs, the press baking workshop of Nantong Yangtze Carbon Co., Ltd. needs to order 4 extrusion rings of the second and fifth presses, and in accordance with the principles of fairness, justice, voluntariness and integrity, open bidding for them and select suppliers on the basis of merit. The relevant matters are hereby announced as follows:


First, the extrusion ring production requirements:

1. Make the blank of the extruded ring according to the size of the drawing;

2. Extrusion ring material: QT600-3

3. The outer circular processing surface and inner hole of the extrusion ring shall not have shrinkage holes, looseness, cracks and other defects, and there shall be no repair welding phenomenon.

4. The size of the extrusion ring is according to the drawing size requirements, leaving sufficient processing allowance

3. Procurement period

This extrusion ring manufacturing cycle: completed within 30 days after the contract is signed, delayed by one day delivery, deducted 300 yuan / day per day, deducted from the contract payment.

4. Qualification requirements for bidding units

The manufacturing unit participating in the bidding must have relevant production qualifications and provide qualification documents when bidding;

5. Quotation method

This project adopts a one-time quotation; Prices are not adjusted;

6. Payment Methods

After the contract is signed, the advance payment is 30%, and the mold manufacturing is delivered to the demander, and 50% is paid after the experience is qualified, and the performance bond (interest-free) is returned, and the remaining 90% is paid as a warranty money, and the warranty period (one year) is paid after the expiration of the warranty period;

7. Bidding matters

The bidders began to collect the tender documents at the Safety Equipment Division on August 2017, 8, and the bidders submitted the bids at 8 a.m. on August 2017, 8.

The bidding unit shall pay the document and information fee of 100 yuan and (bid deposit of 2000,<> yuan) to the company's accounting and financial office before receiving (submitting) the tender document, the document and information fee will not be refunded after the opening of the bid, and the bidding deposit will be refunded without interest if the winning unit does not win the bid after the bid is opened, and the winning unit will be converted into a performance bond. (Collect and submit the tender documents with the receipt of the Financial Planning Office)

8. Evaluation and determination of bids

The evaluation and determination of bids shall be conducted by the bidding unit in conjunction with all relevant departments, and the bidding unit shall not be obliged to explain to the unsuccessful unit the reasons for not winning the bid.

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Bidding unit: Nantong Yangtze Carbon Co., Ltd

2017 Aug 8

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