Machining Line A No. 2 inner wire overhaul and renovation invite tenders file


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Our company's A-line No. 2 internal wire CNC machining machine (CGK-18) has been used for many years. When this machine tool processes graphite electrodes, due to serious wear and tear between the moving parts, the electrode verticality and coaxiality after processing are serious. Out of tolerance, in need of major repairs. At the same time, in order to reduce the failure rate of the machine tool in the future and improve the machining accuracy of the electrode end face, it is planned to modify the machine tool. In line with the principles of fairness, impartiality, voluntariness, and honesty, conduct public bidding for it, and select the best maintenance and reconstruction unit. The relevant matters are hereby announced as follows: 1. Requirements for overhaul and renovation: (1) The main items of overhaul are as follows: 1. Bed,

Our company's A line No. 2 inner wire CNC machining machine (CGK-18), has been used for many years, the machine tool to the graphite electrode processing, due to the serious wear between the moving parts, resulting in the processed electrode verticality, coaxiality is seriously out of tolerance, need to be overhauled, and in order to reduce the machine tool failure rate in the future, improve the machining accuracy of the electrode surface, it is planned to transform the machine tool. In accordance with the principles of fairness, justice, voluntariness and good faith, open bidding will be carried out and maintenance and transformation units will be selected on the basis of merit. The relevant matters are hereby announced as follows:


1. Requirements for major modifications:

(1) The main items of the overhaul are as follows:

1. Bed and guide rail grinding;

2. The large pallet and the middle pallet are re-molded and scraped;

3. Replace the ball screw on the X and Z axes;

4. The jaw is updated and equipped to meet the requirements of Φ350~Φ500 electrode processing;

5. CNC system update

6. All electrical control circuits are replaced and the drivers in the cabinet are upgraded (including the electrical small wires in the electrical box)

(2) Details of the modification

1. The Z axis of the machine tool is extended to meet the length of 1400~2520 length electrode processing.

(3) Main accuracy requirements after overhaul:

The fixture is coaxiality with the two bedside boxes≤ 0.02mm/m;

The verticality of the fixture and the two bedside boxes ≤ 0.02mm/m;

The ovality after two-hole processing - check the value ≤ 0.15mm with plug gauge and feeler gauge;

Other accuracy requirements are implemented with reference to relevant standards or specifications.

II. Deadline for major revisions:

After the contract is signed, the winning unit will disassemble the lathe back to the winning unit for major modification (all disassembly and transportation is completed by the winning unit itself,) After the completion of the major modification, the winning unit will transport the lathe to our unit for installation and debugging until the acceptance is qualified, the entire major modification period is 30 working days, and the amount of 500 yuan will be deducted from the contract amount for each day of delay.

III. Qualification Requirements for Bidding Units:

The bidding unit has the ability and qualification of machine tool manufacturing and overhaul, and has a good reputation.

4. Quotation method

This project adopts a one-time quotation, and the price is not adjusted.

5. Payment Methods

After the contract is signed, 30% of the total contract price is prepaid, the major modification is completed and the lathe is sent to our company, after the installation and commissioning are qualified, it is paid to 80%, and the performance bond (interest-free) is returned, and the performance deposit (interest-free) is paid after two months, and the remaining 90% is used as a warranty money, and the warranty period (one year) is paid after it expires.

6. Bidding matters

The bidders began to collect the tender documents at the equipment office on September 2017, 9, and the bidders submitted the bids before 5 a.m. on September 2017, 9.

The bidding unit shall pay the document and information fee of 100 yuan and (5000,<> yuan of the bid deposit) at the company's accounting and financial office before receiving (submitting) the tender document, the document and information fee will not be refunded after the opening of the bid, and the bidding deposit will be refunded without interest if the winning unit does not win the bid after the bid is opened, and the winning unit will be converted into a performance bond. (Collect and submit the tender documents with the receipt of the Financial Planning Office)

7. Evaluation and determination of bids

The evaluation and determination of bids shall be conducted by the bidding unit in conjunction with all relevant departments, and the bidding unit shall not be obliged to explain to the unsuccessful unit the reasons for not winning the bid.

Contact: Wang Xingshan Tel: 85559291 13921615786


Bidding unit: Nantong Yangtze Carbon Co., Ltd

2017 Aug 8

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