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Canteen food delivery procurement project public bidding announcement announcement information procurement project name canteen food delivery project public bidding announcement items see bidding documents Administrative area No. 208 Tangzha West Street, Gangzha District, Nantong City Bidding time from June 6, 2018 to June 2018 5 working days on the 12th of June 2018. From 7:30 on June 7, 2018 to 16:30 on June 12, 2018. Bid opening location in the company (bidding opening time will be determined separately) Contact Information General Affairs Department Project Contact number 85559266 Purchasing unit Nantong Yangzi Carbon Co., Ltd. Bidding document 1

Public bidding announcement for canteen food distribution procurement projects

Announcement information

Procurement project name

Public bidding announcement for canteen food distribution projects


See tender documents


No. 208, Tangzha West Street, Gangzha District, Nantong City

Tender publicity time

2018 working days from June 6, 6 to June 2018, 6

Take the time of the tender documents

From 2018:6 a.m. on June 7, 7 to 30:2018 on June 6, 12

Place of opening of tenders

In-house (bid opening time to be determined separately)


Department of Integrated Affairs

Project contact number


Purchasing unit

Nantong Yangtze Carbon Co., Ltd



Tender documents

1. Project Name: Canteen Raw Material Distribution

2010. Bidding requirements: The bidder shall comprehensively supervise the food quality, hygiene, service, price and purchase channels in accordance with the Food Safety Law of the People's Republic of China and the Food Hygiene Regulations of Jiangsu Province (revised in <>) and other relevant laws and regulations, and require the bidder to provide an overview of the enterprise, a business license that allows legal operation, a health permit, an inspection report of raw materials (the period of the inspection report shall not exceed one year), and a staff health certificate (the period of one year).

3. Scope of supply: flour, edible oil, pork, chicken, soy products, vegetables, frozen products, aquatic products, eggs, dry goods, condiments, etc.

4. Quantity, time and place of supply

1. The quantity, variety, quantity, time and delivery place of supply shall be agreed upon by the ordering notice of the demander.

2. The delivery place is the canteen of Nantong Yangzi Carbon Co., Ltd. (No. 208, Tangzha West Market Street, Gangzha District).

3. The delivery time is before 8 am every day, and the actual check quantity is checked, and the delivery note is signed by both parties;

4. The quantity of each delivery shall prevail with the quantity notified by the demander, and the variety and quantity provided by the demander shall not be changed without authorization, and a 5% error is allowed for each delivery quantity, and the error must be completed within the next day or deducted on the delivery handover order on the same day, but the supply of the demander on the same day cannot be delayed.

5. The delivery note is sent to the demander every day to check the quantity, price and quality of the goods and order, and no order is rejected, which affects the demander's dining supply and investigates the economic responsibility of the delivery party;

6. Delivery time includes daily delivery on holidays (except for holidays in the canteen according to the demander)

V. Prices and Payment Methods

1. Delivery price: fresh vegetables are quoted in writing once a week, the quotation is stamped with the official seal of the unit, and the annual price must be 10% lower than the retail price of the local farmers' market, if it is found that it exceeds the retail price of the local farmers' market during the inquiry process, it will be processed at 70% lower than the local retail price. Meat, eggs, etc. are quoted every half month. The price must be approximately 7% below the local farmers' market retail price, and if exceeded, it will be treated at 85% below the local retail price.

2. Monthly settlement. That is, submit the previous month's supply quantity and statement before the 5th of each month, issue an invoice after confirmation by both parties, and settle the invoice by transfer check within 1 month after the receipt.

6. Quality standards

1、. The hygiene, quality and packaging of the ingredients provided must comply with the requirements of the Food Safety Law of the People's Republic of China and the Food Hygiene Regulations of Jiangsu Province (revised in 2010).

2. Quality standards

(1) Flour: medium gluten flour, low gluten flour. It is required that the water content shall not exceed 12% to 14%, the color is white or light yellow, the smell is normal and slightly sweet, disposable packaging, the seal has a certificate of conformity, and the packaging has the "SC" logo (food production license number);

(2) Edible oil: first-grade soybean salad oil (non-GMO), requiring complete transparency in color, no odor quantification, disposable packaging, and the package has the "SC" logo.

(3) Pork: Require light muscle color, uniform red, white fat, slightly dry or slightly moist appearance, and normal smell of meat. No spoiled meat, no water-injected meat, no old mother pork, husband pork, with quarantine certificate.

(4) Poultry meat: good quality, fresh, no deterioration, and need to be slaughtered live poultry, healthy poultry meat, no water-injected meat, and a quarantine certificate.

(5) Soy products: required to have a certain luster, not loose, no peculiar smell, no deterioration, with a production license certificate.

(6) Vegetables: the leaf stem is smooth and tender, not shriveled and withered, no excessive yellow leaves, normal color, remove root whiskers, no soil, no rot, no obvious water immersion, pesticide residues do not exceed the standard.

(7) Frozen products: good outer packaging, no damage, no peculiar smell, colony detection meets national requirements.

(8) Aquatic products: shiny, the scales are relatively complete and not easy to fall off, the mucus is transparent and odorless, and the muscle tissue is dense and elastic. The gill filaments are clear, red or dark red, the eyeballs are full, and the cornea is transparent or slightly cloudy.

(9) Eggs: require that the eggshell is produced without cracks, not broken, bright in color, clean, no spoilage, in line with national standards, green, organic and pollution-free.

(10) Soy sauce, chicken essence, monosodium glutamate and other condiments must have the "SC" food production license number.

(11) Dry goods products meet all the requirements of the product, good light sensitivity and good appearance.

VII. Packaging and Transportation

1. For stereotyped packaged food, all products are required to be the original packaging, need to be clearly labeled, complete, need to be marked with name, specification, net content, ingredients and ingredient list, manufacturer, production date, shelf life, production license, product standard code, storage conditions, production address, contact information, etc.

2. All the goods provided should be reasonably packed and packed, etc., and this packaging method should be sufficient to protect the loaded goods from damage during transportation, and meet moisture-proof, shockproof and rough loading and unloading to ensure that the goods arrive at the site completely undamaged.

3. The delivery time of other varieties is guaranteed to be supplied according to the requirements of the canteen, and the delivery note of the ingredients sent at the same time, after checking and signing with the canteen, A and B each hold one as a settlement voucher, and the delivery note travels with the goods, not the next day, and the delivery note should have time, variety, quantity, unit price and the signature of the delivery party and personal signature.

4. If Party B does not have special circumstances, fails to deliver in time or the lack of required goods affects the demander, when the demander does not return, the delivery will be accepted at 70% of the total price sent.

5. The demander does not bear the transportation cost and outer packaging cost.

6. Meat, frozen products and raw seedlings need to be transported with ice to ensure the freshness of food.

8. Requirements for delivery of goods

1. The delivery date of daily required ingredients must be before 8 am every day, and the menu of the day before is confirmed to be delivered to the canteen on demand.

2. When the demander inspects the goods, if it is found that the packaging of the goods is damaged, the goods are obviously damaged, or the quantity, variety, quality, etc. are different from the agreement, it has the right to refuse to accept the goods, and the non-fresh goods are completed within two days, and the fresh goods are immediately completed when they do not affect the supply of the demander.

3. For the original packaged goods found to have quality problems before use or after opening the package, the return must be unconditionally accepted by the demander and completed within two days.

4. For the storage time close to the shelf life, the demander has the right to return or exchange the goods.

5. If the delivery does not meet the quality standards or does not meet the quality commitment, the demander has the right to return the goods and has the right to determine whether supplementary delivery is required.

6. If the normal opening of the meal is affected by untimely delivery or insufficient supply quantity, return due to quality problems, etc., the supplier shall pay liquidated damages, and the standard of liquidated damages shall be 30% of the total price of the current supply.

IX. Miscellaneous

Force majeure, the rights and obligations of both parties involved in the signing of the contract, liability for breach of contract, modification, rescission, termination of the contract, disputes arising in the process of cooperation, validity period of the contract and other related matters shall be agreed upon in the form of the contract agreement after the supplier is determined.


Nantong Yangtze Carbon Co., Ltd

June 2018, 6

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