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Bidding documents for outdoor full-color display Our company is now inviting public bidding to purchase an outdoor full-color display. In line with the principles of fairness, impartiality, openness and voluntariness, fair bidding is carried out to the outside world, and the supplier is selected based on the best. The relevant matters are hereby announced as follows: 1. Bidding product technical requirements serial number equipment name specification model unit quantity unit price total price 1 display body Use environment: outdoor Pixel pitch: 4.0mm Pixel density: 62500 dots/㎡ Pixel composition: 1R1G1B Display net size: length 3.52M×height 2.08M Display resolution: length 800×height 600 dots

Outdoor full-color display tender documents


Our company is now open to tender for the purchase of an outdoor full-color display. In line with the principles of fairness, justice, openness and voluntariness, fair bidding is carried out externally, and suppliers are selected on the basis of merit, and the relevant matters are hereby announced as follows: 1.
Technical requirements for bidding products

serial number

Device name

Specifications and models



unit price



Display body

Use environment: outdoor Image point spacing: 4.0mm

Pixel density: 62500 dots/㎡ Pixel composition: 1R1G1B


Display resolution: length 800× height 600 points

Process: National Star Package SMD1921, Dawning Kit

IC: Riyuecheng 2016

Brand: Sancai

Waterproof enclosure included

In order to ensure product quality and ensure post-service, the original manufacturer's one-year warranty letter must be provided when bidding; When supplying, the manufacturer's certificate of conformity must be provided as the basis for acceptance.






Asynchronous networking

Control system

Hardware performance: 1.4GHz quad-core CPU, quad-core GPU, 1GB@1066MHz DDR3 high-speed memory, 1080P HD hard decoding playback, USB interface: USB2.0*2, can be connected to external storage (U disk or SD card, maximum 128G) or communication equipment; Input network port: access to LAN;

The maximum carrying area is 65,4096 points. 1536 pixels widest and 8 pixels maximum; Comes with 32G memory, support up to <>G USB expansion storage; LEDVISION is used for program editing, supports program scheduling, and multi-program page playback; Support sending programs to U disk through LEDVISION, and the U disk is plugged and broadcast; Support the arbitrary arrangement of multiple windows of the program page, freely set the window size and position, and support window overlay; Support rich media materials, such as videos, pictures, text, office, clock, weather forecast, etc.;

Program update and management through USB cable or 100 Gigabit network port, comprehensive functions, flexible and convenient operation;

Brand: Colorette

Includes receiving cards of the same brand series

In order to ensure product stability and ensure post-service, the original manufacturer's one-year warranty letter must be provided when bidding






Sound system

Includes 15 01W amplifier and 35 2Wcolumns*<>






Power distribution system

LED dedicated power distribution system







Structural decoration

Length 3.62M× Height 2.18M

8cm stainless steel veneer decoration, stainless steel material≥ 1.0mm, 0.6m height double column; the main components of the frame structure are made of channel steel and national standard square tong, overall sealing and waterproof treatment; rib (cage) concrete foundation







Transportation, on-site installation, commissioning, training, etc






Power cord, signal cable and wire routing

Power room to display installation position, main power line: YJV5*2.5mm²; Switch to display installation position, 2 CAT 2 network cables, <> audio cables





P4 outdoor full-color display, screen size of about 7 square meters, can play video files, has audio output, can transmit and play files through the network
The winning unit is responsible for the on-site installation and commissioning of the product, and provides detailed Chinese information and technical documents of all products according to the requirements of the bidding unit; The winning unit is responsible for providing relevant technical training to the bidding unit to master the daily installation, use and maintenance of the product. The warranty period is one year.
II. Qualification Requirements for Bidding Units The supplier
participating in the bidding must have an independent legal personality.
1. Bidding quotation
This bidding adopts a one-time quotation (including installation and commissioning fees, VAT invoices), and the product is settled at this price after supply.
5000. Bid deposit
1111823109000008990. Bid deposit: 2,<> yuan.
Unit Name: Nantong Yangtze Carbon Co., Ltd. Account Bank and Account Number: ICBC Nantong Tangzha Sub-branch, <>
<>. The participating units shall pay the deposit and tender fee to the company's financial department before receiving the bidding documents, and the bidding deposit of the unsuccessful unit shall be returned in full without interest afterwards.
The winning bidder shall return the deposit in full and interest-free after the end of the contract performance.
V. Bidding Method
Seal the tender and related documents in a file bag, affix the official seal at the sealed place, and send it to our company in person or by mail before the bidding deadline.
VI. Evaluation and Determination of Bids The
evaluation and determination of bids shall be conducted by the bidding unit in conjunction with the relevant departments, and the bidding unit shall not be obliged to explain to the unsuccessful unit the reasons for not winning the bid. Tenders were delivered to the General Affairs Department by <> o'clock on June <>.

 Contact: Yu Li Contact number: 85559303 13003591362      

                Bidding unit: Nantong Yangtze Carbon Co., Ltd

June 0, <>

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