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Recognition decision for Reasonable Suggestions proposed comparison

  In order to give full play to the employees’positive role in the enterprises’ development of production and set up their sense of ownership, the company's new business leadership team puts forward new requirements to work. In the first half of this year.the company carried out the “rationalization proposal solicitation” activities to mobilize the masses of staff to contribute ideas to the enterprise production and development.
  Rationalization proposal activities received actively support and participation from all staff of the company. Everybody gave advises and offered good policies closely around the company's production. For this time, we received 52 pieces of advice from the from the workshop. According to “implementation measures of the rationalization proposal” and through careful screening, tease, review of leaders from workshop and department, professional jury selection, and company rationalization leading group evaluation, selected 3 first prize, 3 second prize, 7 third prize, 8 fourth prize and 12 fifth prize. The above 33 rationalization proposer were given commendation and reward after discussion.
  Hope the honored comrade could make persistent efforts and continue to work hard, but also call for all company staff to join in rationalization proposal activities actively. Our company welcome everybody to give advice and good advice. Let's common concern, support and construct our enterprise.