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Nantong Yangzi Carbon Co., Ltd.’s pressing and baking workshop needs to equip the secondary crushing and dust removal system with a permanent magnet frequency conversion air compressor of more than 10m3/min due to production needs. In line with the principles of fairness, impartiality, voluntariness and integrity, it is open for bidding 1. Design requirements: 1. Air compressor 1.1 Equipment name and quantity Air compressor 1 set 1.2 Air compressor type and model 1) Type: full cover oil injection screw permanent magnet variable frequency air compressor 2) Model: (to be filled in by the bidder) 1.3 Air compressor parameters Nominal volume flow

The press baking workshop of Nantong Yangzi Carbon Co., Ltd. is equipped with a permanent magnet frequency conversion air compressor of more than 10m3/min for the medium crushing dust removal system due to production needs, and in line with the principles of fairness, justice, voluntariness and integrity, it is publicly tendered and the contractor is selected on the basis of merit

      First, the design requirements:

1. Air compressor
1.1 Name and quantity of equipment
1 air compressor
1.2 Air compressor type and model
1) Type: full cover oil-injected screw permanent magnet frequency conversion air compressor
2) Model: (to be filled in by the bidding unit)
1.3 Air compressor parameters
The nominal volume flow rate is more than 10 m3/min
Rated discharge pressure 0.8 MPa(G)
Outlet pressure dew point ≤3 °C
Motor power is matched with air compressor
Motor voltage 380 V
Cooling method: strong exhaust air cooling
Unit noise ≤78 dB(A)
Exhaust oil content 3 ppm
Exhaust dust particle size 3 μm
The size limit (length x width) is measured by the bidders themselves on site
2. Drive device
2.1 Overview
The motor is supplied by the air compressor factory, and its requirements are as follows:
Transmission type and specification
Type: elastic coupling.
2.2 Drive device model and specification
1) Model of motor:
2) Specifications of electric motors:
Rated power: 55kW; Rated voltage: 380V; Voltage frequency: 50Hz; Rated speed:
Protection type: warm tropical type; Insulation grade: F class; Cooling mode: air cooled
Motor bearings: imported famous brand products; The motor should have a row and oil injection port.
Two (PT100) temperature measuring elements should be buried in each phase winding of the motor, and thermometers should be installed at both ends of its bearings. The nameplate on the motor housing should have the bearing type and oil injection cycle.
2. Technical requirements
1.1 Requirements for air compressor performance:
1) The supplier must ensure that the performance design parameters of the air compressor proposed by the demander are met.
It can operate safely for a long time in the environment specified in Article 3.
2) The air compressor unit should be a complete unit with auxiliary equipment and control. The unit type is a full-cover oil-injected screw machine. The selection of pressure vessels and safety valves in the unit should comply with the relevant provisions of the current national "Pressure Vessel Safety Supervision Regulations".
3) The air compressor body is directly driven, and the motor and the air compressor host are directly connected through a flexible coupling that does not require lubrication.
4) The structure of the air compressor body should be advanced and reasonable to achieve the purpose of energy saving such as low compression ratio, low speed and high efficiency. The specific power requirement is less than or equal to 5.1kN/Nm3/min.
5) The air compressor unit should be equipped with a gas volume adjustment device, the air volume adjustment range is 50%~100%, and it should have obvious energy-saving effects.
6) The bearing life of the air compressor meets the requirements of at least one overhaul period (not less than 30000,100000 working hours), and it is hoped to reach <>,<> hours.
7) The cooling lubricating fluid (oil) of the air compressor should be able to ensure the safe operation of the main engine under environmental conditions, with high flash point, low freezing point, not suitable for the formation of oil glue, less replacement, and the service life requirement is more than 8000 hours.
8) The oil content of the compressed air at the outlet of the air compressor should not be higher than 3ppm, and the dust particle size should not be more than 3μm.
9) The air compressor unit should have good controllable performance, reasonable starting operation mode, and can operate safely 24 hours a day under the condition of unattended. It should be able to automatically load and unload, and ensure constant pressure during automatic unloading.
10) The display and control system configuration of the air compressor unit, in addition to the necessary operating parameters, should be equipped with self-diagnosis and fault alarm functions, which can display the cause and part of the fault, and can be used for memory preservation and reservation of remote output alarm signal interface.
11) The noise value of the air compressor unit should be less than or equal to 78dB (A).
12) The air compressor unit should be able to withstand the maximum torque under full pressure start-up conditions.
13) The air compressor unit must be equipped with a grounding wire to safely ground to prevent leakage and cause danger.
14) The supplier should clarify the allowable range of changes in the design parameters, and the demander has the right to change the design parameters within this range before the equipment is officially manufactured, and the supplier should not increase the price of the equipment.
15) The air compressor should have a sign, and the label should include: the name, model, rated flow, rated outlet pressure, motor power, manufacturer, factory number, factory year, month and other main data and content of the air compressor.
1.2 Basic requirements for air compressor lubricating oil system
1) The lubricating oil of the screw air compressor should not be lower than the requirements of the "Light Load Injection Rotary Air Compressor Oil" (GB5904).
2) The technical indicators of the lubricating oil should at least meet the requirements of the viscosity grade N15 in the standard.
3) Provide higher requirements than 1), 2) non-petroleum-based, stable chemical properties, stable operating viscosity, excellent demulsibility, good corrosion resistance, low volatility, non-toxic and easy to separate the special cooling lubricant.
1.3 Basic requirements for air compressor regulating device
1) The air compressor should be equipped with a gas volume adjustment device that adapts to the load change, and the load range is adjusted by 50~100%.
2) The gas volume regulating device should be energy-saving, that is, under the premise of keeping the pressure constant, the load is adjusted by changing the compression stroke, and no more useless work is done. The power saving effect is more than 17%.
1.4 Basic requirements for air compressor instrumentation and control
1) The air compressor unit should be equipped with display, control and alarm instrument components and microcomputer controllers to ensure the safe operation of the unit.
2) The supplier should adopt standardized components and equipment components to meet the needs of factory use and replacement.
3) The instruments and control components supplied by the supplier should be products with good quality, high precision and reliable operation under environmental conditions.
4) Air compressors should generally be equipped with the following thermal testing instruments and protection devices (not limited to):
●Compressor exhaust temperature, screw working temperature, lubrication cooling temperature and other temperature detection instruments.
●Compressor exhaust pressure, lubrication coolant pressure and other pressure detection instruments.
●Compressor exhaust pressure ultra-high alarm and automatic shutdown protection.
●Alarm and automatic shutdown protection of excessive compressor exhaust temperature.
● Alarm and automatic shutdown protection for excessive temperature of screw studio.
●Differential pressure indication and alarm protection of air filter, oil filter and gas-liquid separator.
● Motor overload alarm and automatic shutdown protection.
●Motor reversal, phase loss protection.
●Air compressor lubrication coolant pressure is too low alarm and automatic shutdown.
●Emergency stop button next to the air compressor.
The air compressor unit should be able to meet the following process control requirements:
(50) Automatic gas volume adjustment according to the change of outlet pressure, the adjustment range is 100~<>%.
(2) Automatic loading, unloading, constant pressure. With a variety of control modes, adapt to the needs of changing working conditions, reserved communication port and connected to the host computer to achieve remote control.
(3) The monitoring system can be automatically switched and operated by multiple parallel connections, and all processes and monitoring signals can be connected to DCS to realize the unattended operation mode of the air compressor station.
3. Quality assurance and testing
3.1 Norms and Standards
1) The manufacture and inspection of air compressors should at least meet GB3853 and ISO1217. The performance standards of general positive displacement air compressors and the technical requirements of JB3351-84 general oil-injected screw air compressors.
2) The manufacture and inspection of the motor should at least meet the basic technical conditions of GB755-88 rotating motor. The insulation grade of the motor is class F, and the temperature rise meets the requirements of class B.
3) The supplier should provide high-quality products higher than the above standards, and provide corresponding specifications and standards.
3.2 Air compressor performance guarantee
1) The air compressor unit provided by the supplier shall meet the requirements of Article <> of this specification.
2) The performance assessment items and indicators of the air compressor unit shall at least meet the requirements of clause 3.1.
3.3 Quality assurance of air compressors
1) The normal continuous operation time of the main engine assembly of the air compressor is at least 5 years without failure, and the efficiency is guaranteed to not decrease, and the process parameters remain unchanged.
2) The service life of the main engine assembly is at least 25 years.
3) The operating temperature of the main engine assembly shall not be lower than 110°C.
4) The life of the main engine bearing is at least 8,<> hours of continuous operation.
5) The transmission device of the air compressor should be stable and reliable, and no maintenance is required.
6) The material used to rotate the parts should have a material quality assurance certificate or test report.
7) The pressurized pipeline components such as pressure vessels and safety valves in the unit should have product inspection certificates.
8) The supplier shall provide relevant quality assurance documents, which include, at a minimum:
Product inspection certificate (including main purchased parts).
Product parts manufacturing, inspection records.
Material inspection certificate for main parts.
Material test report of major components.
3.4 Test results specified in <>.<>.
Provide electrical tests according to GB755-88 "Basic Technical Requirements for Rotating Machines"
9) From the first group of air compressor start operation, within 8000 hours, due to manufacturing quality problems and damage occurs, or can not work normally, the supplier should repair or replace parts for the demand side free of charge until normal operation.
3.4 Air compressor test
The supplier must conduct a test (not limited to) of the air compressor provided in the manufacturing plant and provide a test report. Before the test, the test procedures and test methods should be notified to the demander, and the demander should send personnel to participate.
3.5 Requirements for products and purchased parts to be supplied
The supplier should be a high-quality product that meets high standards and is fully responsible for its operating performance.
IV. Scope of Supply
4.1 Basic Requirements
The supplier shall provide the required quantity of equipment and spare parts within the time agreed between the supply and demand parties, and ensure that the provisions of this specification and the special requirements of the demand party in writing are met.
4.2 Equipment Provided by the Supplier
4.2.1 Air compressor body
The air compressor body should include (not limited to):
1. 1 set of screw air compressor main engine assembly (including yin and yang screw, bearing, coupling, main engine casing, etc.).
2. 1 set of main motor.
3. 1 set of automatic gas volume adjustment device (energy-saving type).
4. 1 set of oil and gas aftercooler and <> set of oil cooler.
5. 1 set of machine base.
6. 1 set of oil and gas separation tank (including filter element and differential pressure gauge).
7. 1 set of temperature and pressure sensor.
8. 1 set of strong exhaust air cooling device
9. 1 set of oil pipeline system such as temperature control valve and oil filter.
10. 1 set of tubing system.
11. 1 set of microcomputer monitor.
12. 1 set of automatic condensate discharger (pressure discharge).
4.2 Spare parts and special tools
1) Spare parts (1 year quantity).
Air filter element.
Cooling lubricating oil (liquid) filter element.
Oil and gas separator filter element.
2) A set of special tools.
4.3 Oil paint
The color of the topcoat of the air compressor unit is agreed upon by the supply and demand parties.
4.4 Installation and debugging
On-site installation, commissioning and free training of operators and maintenance personnel are provided by the supplier.
5. Packaging and transportation
1) Equipment packaging should be suitable for domestic transportation conditions, and the loading should be packed in a box, and should be marked with the corresponding symbol before being sent. Equipment transportation should meet safety requirements to avoid deformation and damage during transportation.
2) All fittings, valves, flanges, bolts and other parts or interfaces should have protective devices and measures to prevent damage, corrosion, debris, etc. from entering the parts during transportation and storage.
3) All electronic, electrical and instrumentation equipment must be strictly packaged to ensure safety during transportation and storage, no damage, and prevent moisture and water immersion of equipment.
6. Technical documents
6.1 The content of the technical documents that the supplier should provide
6.1.1 The production license of equipment products (including main purchased parts) shall be provided when bidding.
6.1.2 The basic design parameters of the air compressor should be provided when bidding. Content includes (but is not limited to):
●Air compressor volumetric flow rate (Nm3/min)
●Air compressor inlet temperature(°C)
●Air compressor inlet pressure (kPa)
●Rated exhaust pressure of air compressor (MPa)
●Air compressor operating pressure setting range (MPa)
●Air compressor exhaust temperature (°C)
●Oil content of exhaust outlet of air compressor (mg/m3)
●Air compressor speed (r/min)
●Shaft power of air compressor (kW)
●Specific motion rate of air compressor (kW/Nm3/min)
●Mechanical efficiency of air compressor (%)
●Air compressor noise (full mask type) (dB(A))
●The cooling method of the air compressor
●Lubrication and cooling mode of air compressor
● Lubricating coolant of the air compressor
●The transmission mode of the air compressor
●Air compressor screw working room temperature setting (°C)
●Air compressor main engine bearing grade (10,000 hours)
●Air volume adjustment method of air compressor
●Air compressor cathoin and male rotor material
●Air compressor cathode and male rotor structure and matching accuracy
●Motor type
● Motor model
●Motor rated power (kW)
●Motor rated voltage (V)
●Motor rated current (A)
●Motor rated frequency (HZ)
●Motor rated speed (r/min)
● Motor insulation grade
●Motor protection level
●Motor wiring method
●Motor cooling mode
●Motor moment of inertia (kg·m2)
●Motor heater setting and voltage level
●The temperature measuring element in the motor is set
●The row and oil injection port of the motor are set
●The bearing type and oil injection cycle on the name brand of the motor
6.1.3 The drawings and materials of the air compressor shall be provided when bidding
(1) Air compressor assembly drawing.
(2) Air compressor thermal measurement system diagram (including gas, lubricating fluid and other systems).
(3) Supply list.
(4) List of materials for main parts.
(5) List of spare parts.
(6) List of special tools.
6.1.4 Air compressor drawings and materials after signing the contract
Within 7 days after signing the contract, the supplier shall provide the following official drawings and materials to the demander in a total of 5 copies (without limitation):
●Product manufacturing cooperation certificate (including monitoring before the whole machine leaves the factory and performance test report of main parts).
● Packing list and supply list.
●Air compressor assembly drawing (including model, technical performance and parameters, relevant interface size and standard, total weight and maximum maintenance part weight, maintenance space requirements, etc.).
●Air compressor installation, operation and maintenance manual or instruction manual (including motor and other main parts).
●Air compressor structure manual.
●Material list and description of main parts.
● List of wearing parts.
●Spare parts list.
● List of special tools.
●Basic design data or requirements of air compressor.
●Cooling water system diagram of air compressor, technical parameters and quality requirements.
●Air pipeline system diagram and valve and instrument configuration of air compressor.
●Lubricating oil system diagram of air compressor.
●Electrical wiring system diagram of air compressor.
●Microcomputer monitoring and control system diagram of single unit and multiple units of air compressor in parallel operation (with load adjustment device).
●Data sheet for setting parameters, alarms, interlocks and protection actions in the operation of the air compressor.
●Operation instructions for operation and maintenance of the main motor.
●Other required documents submitted by the demander.
●In addition to providing drawing information, the above documents should also provide electronic documents to the demander and the design institute.
6.2 The content of the technical documents that the demander should provide
The supplier needs to provide the relevant information required by the supplier.
7. Payment Methods
30% advance payment after signing the contract, 40% after acceptance of the goods, 20% after two months of trouble-free operation after installation and commissioning, and 10% warranty; Pay after the expiration of the warranty period (one year).
VIII. Bidding Matters:
The bidders began to collect the tender documents at the equipment office on August 2018, 8, and the bidders submitted the bids before 15 am on August 2018, 8.
Before receiving (submitting) the tender documents, the bidding unit shall pay the document and information fee of 100 yuan and the bidding deposit of 5000,<> yuan at the company's accounting office, and the document and information fee will not be refunded after the opening of the bid, and the bidding deposit will be refunded without interest if the winning unit does not win the bid after the opening of the bid, and the winning unit will be converted into a performance bond. (Collect and submit the tender documents with the receipt of the Financial Planning Office)
9. Evaluation and determination of bids
The evaluation and determination of bids shall be conducted by the bidding unit in conjunction with all relevant departments, and the bidding unit shall not be obliged to explain to the unsuccessful unit the reasons for not winning the bid.
Contact: Wang Xingshan Tel: 85559291 13921615786
Bidding unit: Nantong Yangtze Carbon Co., Ltd

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