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Nantong Yangzi Carbon Co., Ltd. needs to customize a batch of dust-absorbing cloth bags. According to the company's decision to implement competitive bidding, the following announcement is hereby issued on relevant matters, and qualified units are welcome to come to bid.

Nantong Yangzi Carbon Co., Ltd. needs to customize a batch of vacuum cloth bags. According to the company's decision, the implementation of competitive bidding, the following announcement is issued on related matters, and qualified units are welcome to bid.
I. Bidding content:
1. Dust removal cloth bag: Φ120*2150 round cloth bag, 400pcs
1470*1470 flat cloth bag, 400pcs
2. Fabric requirements: grammage 550g/m2, anti-static, waterproof, easy to clean ash polyester needle felt, good breathability, low resistance
3. The flat cloth bag mouth is made of rubber strips required by the buyer, with good adhesion and elasticity
II. Qualifications of Tenderers:
1. Have the manufacturer qualification or relevant business qualification recognized by the industry competent department.
2. The bidder has the qualification of general taxpayer (with the ability to issue 16% commercial VAT invoices).
3. The filter material provided by the bidder shall have a product quality inspection report that has passed the test by the quality supervision and inspection institute.
3. Bidding time
1. Deadline for bidding: August 8.
2. Please send the quotation, enterprise production qualification and quality inspection report of filter material to our unit before the bidding deadline.
3. Tenders will open at 8 a.m. on August 30. After the opening of the bid, our company notifies the winning unit to sign the supply contract.
III. Specific requirements:
1. Our company provides cloth bag samples, bidders can go to our company to see the goods, or can provide cloth bag pictures through WeChat or QQ.
2. When the bidding unit posts the quotation, it provides a round cloth bag and a flat cloth bag sample at the same time. The size can be reduced, but the style is the same as required.
3. The winning unit will complete the supply within ten days from the date of signing the contract. 30% of the purchase price is paid in advance when signing the contract, and the goods supplied are consistent with the quality of the filter material and processing quality of the samples provided, meet our use requirements, and pay the remaining costs after our acceptance and qualification.
4. The bidding unit quotes according to the two specifications of cloth bags (including tax and freight).
IV. Contact Information:
Unit address: No. 208, Xishi Street, Tangzha Town, Nantong City
Contact: Peng Li, Li Shujuan
Contact number: 85559284, 85559285
Zip Code: 226002
Nantong Yangtze Carbon Co., Ltd
August 23, 2018

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