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In order to keep abreast of and grasp the company's waste water, waste gas and other discharge outlet pollutant discharge conditions, conduct regular inspections on each discharge outlet, and implement public bidding according to the company's decision. The following announcement is hereby issued on relevant matters, and qualified third-party monitoring is welcome Institutions participate in the bidding.

In order to timely understand and grasp the discharge of pollutants from the company's wastewater and waste gas outlets, conduct regular testing of each discharge outlet, and implement public bidding according to the company's decision, the following announcement is issued on relevant matters, and third-party monitoring institutions that meet the qualification conditions are welcome to participate in the bidding.
1. Bidders must meet the following conditions:
1. The bidder must be an independent legal person enterprise registered in Nantong City, with perfect environmental monitoring technical services, and able to independently carry out monitoring work.
2. Bidders must have the qualification certificate of inspection and testing institutions issued by the competent department of technical supervision at or above the provincial level.
II. Monitoring Items:
1. Wastewater monitoring (3 outlets):
Monitoring items: PH, COD, SS, NH3-N, petroleum
Monitoring frequency: quarterly
2. Atmospheric monitoring (16 exhaust cylinders):
Monitoring item: particulate dust
Monitoring frequency: once every six months, once in the first and second half of the year
3. Noise monitoring (four points):
Monitoring item: Noise at the plant boundary
Monitoring frequency: once a year
4. Atmospheric monitoring (four points):
Monitoring project: fugitive emissions of particulate matter at the plant boundary
Monitoring frequency: once a year
III. Bidding Time:
1. December 2018, 12——December 3, 2018
2. From December 2018, 12, the tender letter will be submitted, sealed and stamped. At the same time, pay a cash deposit of 3,<> yuan to the company's accounting office, and the company's accounting office will issue a receipt.
3. Each bidding unit shall be quoted according to the project classification. When submitting the tender, please attach the business license and qualification certificate of the unit.
4. The deadline for bidding is 2018 a.m. on December 12, 18.
5. Tenders will open at 2018 a.m. on December 12, 18. After the opening of the bid, the unsuccessful unit will refund the deposit, and the winning unit will refund the deposit after signing the monitoring contract.
IV. Other matters:
1. According to the requirements of monitoring frequency, the winning company can arrange personnel to take samples and arrange laboratory tests and analysis in a timely manner.
2. A paper monitoring report must be issued to the tendering party within two weeks after each sampling.
3. After the completion of the annual testing task, the bidding party will pay the monitoring fee.
V. Contact Information:
Contact: Li Shujuan
Contact number: 85559284
Unit address: No. 208, Tangzha West Market Street
Nantong Yangtze Carbon Co., Ltd
December 1, 2018

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