The company launched the 2019 "Safety Production Month" activity


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According to the spirit of the work instructions and work requirements of the superior department, the company combined with its own reality to carry out the "Safety Production Month" activity throughout the company in June.

According to the spirit of the work instructions and work requirements of the superior department, the company combined its own actual situation to carry out the "Safety Production Month" activity in the whole company in June.
The guiding ideology of this activity is: to deeply implement the spirit of the work instructions of the superior department on carrying out the "safe production month", firmly establish the concept of "people-oriented, safe development", with the goal of preventing and resolving major risks, eliminating potential safety hazards in a timely manner, and effectively curbing production safety accidents, enhancing the awareness of safety production of all employees, improving the safety quality of all employees, and promoting the strict safety management system of enterprises in combination with the work requirements of the "2019 Main Responsibility Special Activities" and "Fire Safety Law Enforcement Inspection Special Action" of government departments. Implement the responsibility for safe production, take publicity and education as the main line of activities, take safety inspection, in-depth team discussion and hidden danger exposure as the means of activities, combine the practical operation drills of emergency plans, and promote the sustainable and stable development of enterprise safety production work through the development of practical activities.
The theme of this year's "Work Safety Month" activities is: Prevent Risks, Eliminate Hidden Dangers, and Curb Accidents.
The company has set up an activity leading group, with Chairman Liu Ming as the leader, General Manager Guo Chengxin and other deputy general managers as deputy team leaders, the first responsible for the safety of each workshop and department as the main members, and the activity office is located in the Safety and Environmental Protection Department.
During this year's "Safe Production Month" activities, the company carried out the following activities:
1. Create a safe learning area. Use the company's rolling electronic screen and safety bulletin board to timely convey and implement the requirements of superior departments for safety work, publicize safety-related knowledge in the safety bulletin board, and enhance employees' safety awareness and related safety operation skills.
2. Hang slogans and pull banners. Banners are pulled on the opposite wall of the second gate of No. <> Road, the west of the No. <> Road Transfer Station, and the secondary coking of Zhongshi Crushing, and through serious words and friendly messages, employees are always reminded and warned of safe and standardized operations, always pay attention to safety, and create a good production atmosphere.
3. In-depth team discussion. The safety risk control measures and emergency methods of each position have been distributed to all employees in 2018 in the form of "four cards", and in order to further have a comprehensive identification of job risks, they will be re-identified and evaluated through the safety activity month in June.
4. Publish a special issue of "Tongcarbon News" safety issue. The content includes reports on outstanding performance in safety production work, daily work reports on problems found and hidden dangers rectification in safety production, occupational health and fire management, key points of safety skills operation, comments on job accident lessons, and spurring of violations of rules and disciplines.
5. Organize a safety lecture. In order to improve the ability of employees to investigate potential safety hazards, team leaders are organized to participate in the lecture on "How to Conduct Investigation of Potential Safety Hazards"; And organize all safety examinations for cadres above the middle level.
6. Hidden dangers are photographed and exposed at will. The company's employees will take pictures of any hidden dangers found, including the work behavior of employees in the process of work, the performance status of safety accessories of equipment and facilities, the situation of the work site and other unsafe problems in management.
7. Organize a comprehensive safety inspection. The inspection content includes the basic ledger and the operation site, and the basic ledger highlights the responsibility system, safety training and the inspection of the issuance of labor protection equipment; Sub-professional inspection of the work site, and carry out a full range of safety inspections on the work site;
8. Organize company-level emergency plan drills. Jointly organize safety emergency plan drills with trade unions.
This activity emphasizes that each workshop and department according to the requirements of the "safe production month" activities, firstly, carefully organize employees to learn the company's activity plan, on the basis of doing a good job in the prescribed actions, combined with the actual work characteristics of the department to carry out targeted activities, require all employees to participate in the activities, the first person in charge of each workshop department is the person responsible for the activities, comprehensively arrange and implement the content of the activities, and ensure the effective implementation of the activities; The second is to report the 2019 risk identification in-depth team activity plan to the safety and environmental protection department, and the safety and environmental protection department selects one or two teams in each workshop according to the workshop plan and its own work situation, and discusses it in depth with the workshop and team employees; Third, it is necessary to submit no less than 2 safety articles to the party office on a branch basis, and the party office should link the assessment in the spiritual civilization assessment next month according to the requirements of the activity and the completion of each branch; Fourth, actively cooperate with participating in safety seminars; Fifth, through the practical action of "hidden dangers casual shooting" to encourage employees to join safety activities, the safety and environmental protection office will sort out, post and publicize representative pictures and reward; Sixth, each workshop and department organizes self-inspection, the number of self-inspections is not less than two, there must be inspection records, and the inspection situation is reported to the safety and environmental protection department, and the problems found in the inspection should be quickly rectified, and those that cannot be rectified should be reported to the relevant functional departments; Seventh, according to the safety risk points in the department, organize the drill of the plan within the department according to the on-site disposal plan formulated by the company; Eighth, before July 7, the summary of activities should be reported to the Safety and Environment Department in the form of written materials. This "Safety Production Month" activity will be one of the annual safety and fire protection contracting assessments.

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