Bidding documents for labor contracting


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Bidding documents for labor contracting

1. Bidding instructions
1. Project name: labor service contracting within the company
2. Work place: Nantong Yangzi Carbon Co., Ltd
3. Bidding content: the bidder will contract the work tasks in the form of labor services, and the main workplace is in the company: (1) The pressing baking workshop is engaged in raw material pulling and delivery, graphite powder delivery, green secondary crushing, joint green analysis, iron red powder, pressing medium crushing hygiene; (2) Machining workshop engaged in graphite powder filling; According to the requirements of the production process of the contractor, ensure the timely completion of the work task with quality and quantity. Bidders shall provide the personnel, labor tools and necessary equipment necessary to complete the work tasks.
4. Introduction of bidding projects:
(1) Raw material pulling and delivery: about 2019,30000 tons of pulling and feeding in <>.
(2) Graphite powder delivery: about 2019,2000 tons will be released in <>.
(3) Filling graphite powder: about 2019 tons were filled in 8700.
(4) Secondary crushing and release crushing of green blanks: about 2019,18000 tons were crushed in <>.
(5) Joint green analysis: arrange analysis according to actual production needs.
(6) Iron red powder release: About 2019 tons were released in 240.
(7) Pressed medium crushing hygiene: dust and ash accumulation cleaning on floors <> to <> and stairs.
(8) Specific work content of project contracting: please refer to the attached materials for details.
5. Bidder's quotation:
(1) Refer to the workload tonnage of the previous year, combined with its own contracting ability and competitive advantage to make a quotation, that is, the contracting unit price (indicating the invoice type and tax rate)
(2) The contractor's quotation includes welfare expenses such as labor and social insurance stipulated by the state and localities.
6. The deadlines for issuing and receiving tender documents are: November 2019, 11 and December 27, 2019 at 12:10 after the announcement.
7. Registration and bid deposit: The bid deposit of <>,<> yuan must be paid to the finance department when bidding, and the deposit of the unsuccessful bidder must be returned on the day after the end of the bid opening; The winning bidder's bond will be used as a breach of contract for signing the contract.
8. Registration method: the tenderer will submit the bidding documents to the human resources department in a sealed manner, the unit shall submit the official seal with a copy of the business license and the legal person authorization letter, and the individual bidding shall be stamped with a personal seal and a copy of the contractor's ID card.
2. Tender requirements and instructions
1. About bidders
(1) The bidder is a unit with corresponding qualifications, and before making a quotation, he can consult the contractor for the specific contracting work, and the specific contracting work content is shown in the annex.
(2) The bidder must have the operation certificate of special equipment (driving, forklift) and relevant transportation experience and guarantee that the normal production ability of the contracting party will not be affected, and have certain organizational coordination ability and good personal reputation guarantee.
(3) Ensure legal operation and strictly abide by the rules and regulations of the contracting party.
(4) The bidder shall not subcontract after winning the bid, otherwise it will be deemed to be a breach of contract.
(5) The bidder contracts the task of pulling and putting raw materials in the factory, graphite powder delivery, secondary crushing of green blanks, analysis of joint green blanks, iron red powder, pressing medium crushing hygiene, and machined graphite powder filling in the form of labor services; Ensure that in accordance with the requirements of the production process of the contractor, absolutely obey the production organization arrangement of the contractor, and ensure the completion of the work task in a timely, quality and quantity.
2. About the contracting workflow
(1) Sign the contract and pay the performance bond after winning the bid;
(2) The tenderer shall concentrate on technical training, safety education and necessary work arrangements and deployment of the contractor.
(3) The contractor arranges and organizes labor to carry out on-site operations;
3. About the performance bond
(1) When signing the labor contract, the winning bidder shall pay a performance bond of 2,<> yuan.
(2) Upon the expiration of the contract, the tendering party shall refund the performance bond paid by the bidder in accordance with the terms of the contract.
4. About payment methods
Payment is made on a monthly basis according to the contract signed by both parties.
3. Principles and methods of bid evaluation
(1) Evaluate bids and select the best in strict accordance with the requirements and conditions of the bidding documents.
(2) This tender contract will be awarded to the bidder who meets the requirements of the tender documents and has the lowest bidder.
(3) Considering that individual successful bidders have changed when signing the contract, the second and third places with the lowest quotation will be used as alternatives.
IV. Contact Information and Others
(1) Contact information: contact person Zhu Xiang Tel: 85559288 Fax: 0513-85559268
(2) For unfinished matters, please consult the Human Resources Department by phone.
Nantong Yangtze Carbon Co., Ltd
November 2019, 11

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