Guoyang Green Cutting Powder Auction Announcement


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The circular saw in the company's Guoyang workshop cuts the raw powder collected by the sedimentation tank

I. Name of the auction item:
The disc saw saw in the Guoyang workshop in the company saws the corn flour collected by the sedimentation tank
II. Auction Time:
1. After the "Auction Announcement" is announced on the company's official website platform, interested partners can see the goods on the spot, and the viewing time: April 4 - April 25; If you want to purchase, please register on our online bidding platform and pass the review before you can participate in the auction bidding.
2. Online auction bidding time: May 5, 14 a.m.
III. Auction Quantity:
35 tons of bagging on site, estimated 40 tons, subject to the actual weighing.
4. Auction price
The auction price is exclusive of tax (RMB/ton).
5. Bidding method
Auction bidding will be conducted through our company's online bidding and bidding platform within the specified time.
6. Bid Bond
1. Bid deposit: 2000 RMB, paid by bank wire. The remittance information is as follows:
Remittance unit: Nantong Yangzi Carbon Co., Ltd
Bank: ICBC Nantong Tangzha Sub-branch
Account number: 1111823109000008990
2. If the bidder and the tendering party have accounts receivable, they should upload the "Confirmation Letter of Transfer of Bid Deposit" as shown in Annex I, and agree to convert the accounts receivable of 2000,<> yuan into a bid deposit;
3. The unit confirming the participation in the auction must pay the bidding deposit to the financial department of our company 2 working days before the auction starts. The bidders will upload the screenshot of the deposit payment voucher or the "Confirmation Letter of Bid Deposit Transfer" to the electronic bidding platform, and participate in the auction bidding on May 5 after being reviewed and approved by the company's finance department.
4. The deposit paid by the bidding unit shall be converted into the contract performance bond of the winning unit after confirming the winning bid, and shall be returned within <> days after the performance of the contract and the two parties have no objection.
5. The deposit of the unsuccessful unit will be returned according to the original route within 15 days after the end of the auction.
VII. Relevant Notices
1. Our company cooperates with the winning unit to solve the problem of getting on the car, and the means of transportation are solved by the winning bidder, and strictly abide by the relevant regulations of our company on the disposal of waste items when selling. According to the actual weight weighed, the settlement will be made on the same day.
2. The bid deposit will not be refunded under any of the following circumstances:
(1) Those who have confirmed their participation in the auction, but do not participate in the bidding offline for no reason during the bidding process;
(2) If there is a quotation error in the bidding process, the responsibility shall be borne by the party who made the bid error, if the bid deposit cannot be refunded if the winning bid cannot be performed, or the contract shall be executed and signed at the price quoted by the bidder; If, after research and analysis by the contracting party, the bidding error is indeed caused by the unintentional error of the bidder, after approval by the internal procedures of the contracting party, the error price may be deleted, and the bidding error can continue to participate in the auction, but the contracting party deducts 1000,<> yuan each time from the bid deposit of the party that made the mistake.
(3) The successful bidder fails to sign the contract within the prescribed time;
(4) The materials provided by the bidders are fraudulent.
3. When bidding, please be sure to use IE 9 or above, Firefox 60 or above, and Google Chrome 65 or above to quote! QQ, 360, 2345, orange and other browsers will have abnormal quotations.
4. The legal representative of the bidding unit may authorize a special person to be responsible for participating in the auction process and signing the contract through the "Power of Attorney", and the "Power of Attorney" is shown in Annex II.
7. Name, address and contact information of the bidding unit:
1. Unit name: Nantong Yangzi Carbon Co., Ltd
2. Address: No. 208, Tangzha West Street, Nantong City, Jiangsu Province
3. Contact: Peng Li
4. Contact number: 0513-85559284, 13773670422
5. Company website:
Bidding platform:
Nantong Yangtze Carbon Co., Ltd
April 2020, 4
Annex I: Confirmation of Transfer of Bid Deposit
Nantong Yangtze Carbon Co., Ltd.:
In accordance with the relevant management regulations and requirements of your company's bidding and bidding, our company agrees to convert RMB 2000,<> in your company's current accounts receivable into a bid deposit to participate in the auction of your company's billet cutting powder.
Bidding Unit (Chapter):
Legal representative or authorized agent of the bidder (signed):
Time: Year, Month, Day
Annex II: Power of Attorney
Nantong Yangtze Carbon Co., Ltd.:
Our company (company name)
Legal representative (signature)
ID number
Authorization (Agent Name)
ID number
Participate in the bidding and contract signing business of cutting corn flour organized by your company, and authorize the agent to represent the company in all actions in this bidding activity organized by your company.
Hereby authorize!
Name of bidder (seal):
Legal representative (signed):
2020 month day
Signature of authorized agent:
2020 month day

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