Strengthen organizational leadership and strictly guard against the new crown


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At the beginning of the new year, the new coronavirus broke out. The party and the government have put forward the political task and mission of "the epidemic is an order, and prevention and control is a responsibility" to all levels of society.

At the beginning of the new year, the novel coronavirus broke out. The Party and the government have put forward political tasks and missions for all levels of society that "the epidemic is the order, and prevention and control is the responsibility". Liu Ming, secretary of the party committee and chairman of the company, put forward requirements for the epidemic prevention and control work at the first time, and the company made timely epidemic prevention and control deployments, formulated epidemic prevention and control measures, and implemented the responsibilities of workshop departments and cadres. In order to ensure that nothing goes wrong and win the epidemic prevention and control war, the company has established five epidemic prevention and control contact guidance groups headed by members of the leadership team to strengthen the guidance and inspection of the epidemic prevention and control work of various workshop departments.
The press baking workshop is the company's leading workshop, with many posts and shifts, involving a large chance of contact with foreign service personnel, many epidemic prevention and control points, and heavy responsibility. Since the Spring Festival, Liu Ming, the leader of the epidemic prevention and control guidance team, has led the team to maintain routine inspections at least once a week. On the afternoon of the day before resuming work on February 2, go to the office of the press bakery workshop to inquire about the implementation of the epidemic prevention and control work in the workshop. Chairman Liu emphasized that the main task of the current workshop is epidemic prevention and control, and it is necessary to formulate a reliable epidemic prevention work system according to the characteristics and time of the work of each team member, and carefully check the 10-day action trajectory of the staff one by one to ensure that nothing goes wrong and resumes work in an orderly manner. At the same time, the person in charge of the workshop was specially instructed to remind the workshop staff to be vigilant against foreign transport drivers, pay attention to strengthening personal protection awareness, and must not contact and communicate with outsiders, keep a distance, and ensure that protective measures are in place. On February 15 and February 2, Chairman Liu led the team members to go deep into the production team of the baking workshop to check the epidemic prevention and control work, respectively came to the employee rest room and control room of each position, patiently explained the importance of prevention and control to the employees, and instructed the employees to wear masks at all times before leaving, the team members did not gather during the break, and the doors and windows of the lounge should always be open for ventilation and ventilation. When inspecting and understanding the disinfection situation in the area, it is proposed that the quality and quantity must be guaranteed, no dead ends are left, and the workshop cadres do not slacken their thinking, take the lead in command, actively implement the responsibility of inspection and supervision, and further improve the disinfection record.
At present, under the guarantee of strong epidemic prevention and control system, the responsibility of leading cadres, and the cooperation and support of employees, the company's epidemic prevention and control work is in an orderly manner, which provides a strong guarantee for the rapid resumption of production.

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