Build a line of defense for epidemic prevention and control, and fulfill the responsibilities of state-owned enterprises


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The epidemic situation is an order, and prevention and control is a responsibility. The Nantong Yangzi Carbon Party Committee earnestly implements the various epidemic prevention and control requirements of the Party Central Committee, the municipal party committee, the municipal government, and the production control group, carefully arranges and deploys, and implements the responsibility for prevention and control. Charge first and fight first. , Gather a powerful fighting force to fight against the "epidemic".

The epidemic is the order, prevention and control is the responsibility, Nantong Yangzi Carbon Party Committee conscientiously implements the Party Central Committee, municipal party committee and industrial control group epidemic prevention and control requirements, carefully arranges deployment, implements prevention and control responsibilities, charges first, fights ahead, and condenses a strong fighting force to fight the "epidemic".
Before resuming work and production, employees are required by superiors to provide the action track of 14 days before resuming work, filling in the registration form and commitment form of the trip in and back to Nantong, tracking and managing the 19 people who returned to the three districts of Nantong and Nantong, and jointly with the community to supervise and strictly implement the home observation system. For foreign transport vehicles, each business department is required to check the identity information and movement trajectory of the personnel entering and leaving the truck, and the logistics company and the vehicle personnel sign a letter of commitment, and report to the company's prevention and control office one day in advance for approval and consent before entering the company according to the process. In order to achieve full coverage of publicity work, the company reminds employees to do a good job of self-protection through WeChat groups, electronic screens, carbon newspapers and other means, strictly implements the requirements of the "Notice to Employees", does not spread rumors, does not believe in rumors, and actively cooperates with the government and relevant medical departments to do a good job in prevention and control. Prevention and control materials are an important tool for epidemic prevention and control after resuming work, since the outbreak of the epidemic, prevention and control materials are very scarce, in order to protect the life safety of employees, the company's prevention and control office and supply department purchased masks, disinfectant sprayers, disposable isolation gowns, disinfectants, protective glasses, temperature guns, hand sanitizer, sunshades and other prevention and control materials through multi-directional and multi-channel at the first time, providing sufficient material support for winning the epidemic prevention and blocking war.
With the continuous development of the new coronavirus epidemic, all party branches of the company give full play to the role of fighting fortresses, party members play a vanguard and exemplary role, and the vast number of cadres and employees perform their own duties, work together, have the courage to take responsibility and take the initiative in the epidemic prevention and control work, and effectively implement all the work of epidemic prevention and control in place, so as to achieve foolproof.
After the company resumes work, all employees sign the "Commitment to Epidemic Prevention and Control after Resumption of Work" in advance, measure the temperature and enter the factory according to the system requirements, wear masks, wash hands frequently, maintain indoor ventilation during work, do not go to work, do not gather, and do not hold meetings unless necessary. Set up 160 disinfection points in key areas, and each branch will do a good job in epidemic prevention and disinfection and protection of public areas according to their respective hygiene package areas, and the canteen dining will be supplied by the workshop department in different time periods, and the canteen window queue will maintain a distance of 1 meter per person to implement scattered dining. Each branch regularly arranges inspectors to inspect the physical condition of branch employees, and reports abnormalities in time, members of the company's leadership team go to their respective contact points from time to time to check and guide the epidemic prevention and control work, implement a 24-hour duty system, the company's prevention and control office conducts on-site inspections of each branch every day, focusing on inspecting the implementation of employee prevention and control mask wearing and venue disinfection, resolutely eliminating all hidden dangers of infection, and effectively building a "firewall" for the life and health safety of the company's employees.

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