Announcement on Repurchase Auction of Original Set of Impregnation Equipment and Pipeline Removal


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Announcement on Repurchase Auction of Original Set of Impregnation Equipment and Pipeline Removal

I. Name of the auction item:
Original set of impregnation equipment and pipe dismantling buyback auction bidding
II. Auction Description:
(1) Name of the auction item:
The specific equipment catalog of the original high-pressure impregnation set of process field equipment and pipelines (excluding waste motors) in the company:
1. One set of preheating furnace
2. One set of hot blast stove
3. One set of hot blast furnace blower
4. Several air ducts
5. One set of pit conveying trolley
6. One set of impregnation tank
7. Two induced draft fans
8. One set of cooling system
9. Four sets of asphalt tanks
10. Two asphalt pressurization pumps
11. Dust removal pipelines
12. Two dust removal fans
13. Two vacuum pumps
14. Gas pipelines several
15. Asphalt pipelines
16. Air ducts several
17. Hydraulic oil pipeline
18. On-site switchgear several
19. On-site cables
(2) Precautions for disassembly
1. The contractor shall formulate the disassembly plan by himself on site and complete the dismantling work.
2. In the process of disassembling the on-site equipment, the contractor needs to do a good job of on-site safety precautions, according to the understanding: the outer layer is black for asphalt pipes, the outer layer is yellow for vacuum pipes, the outer layer is white for steam pipes, the outer layer is blue for dust removal pipes, the outer layer without insulation layer is gas pipes, the outer layer is red for heat transfer oil pipelines, this color mark is for reference only, the specific site disassembly process is determined by the contractor on site. Before disassembling all pipelines and equipment, disassemble the connecting flange or cut the hole to see if there are tar, hydraulic oil, asphalt and other combustibles in the pipe, and the equipment and pipelines with tar, hydraulic oil, asphalt and other combustible materials shall not be cut with open flame gas, and should be cut by cutting machine.
3. All oxygen, acetylene and other materials used in the disassembly process shall be borne by the contractor himself, and if the auctioneer's plant equipment is damaged due to improper disassembly by the contractor on site, the contractor shall compensate according to the original price.
4. If the contractor demolishes the walls and windows of the auctioneer's house due to the need for the relocation of the dismantling equipment, the contractor shall restore them after the dismantling is completed.
5. Weigh the disassembled equipment and pipelines after loading (the factory vehicle enters the factory and puts the water in the tank into the skin and weighs, after loading the goods to the site, it is weighed again in the weighing room, and the water tank can be filled with water in our company's communication room after weighing).
6. The refractory bricks and other bricks dismantled during the dismantling process are filled into the pit, and other industrial waste generated is transported out of our company by the contractor and disposed of in accordance with national regulations.
7. If there is asphalt in the asphalt storage tank, the contractor will transport it to the place designated by our company.
III. Bidding Eligibility Requirements:
1. Qualified customers who have registered and passed the review on our company's online bidding platform.
2. The bidder must be an independent legal person registered in accordance with the Company Law and other organizations registered according to law in China, with a registered capital of more than RMB 10,<>;
3. The units participating in the auction must have independent legal personality and on-site disassembly and recycling qualifications of relevant equipment;
4. Financial status: have good bank credit, business reputation and comprehensive strength, can meet the requirements of the tenderer, are not in the state of being ordered to suspend business, property is taken over, frozen, bankruptcy, and have no bad bidding record (provide a letter of commitment).
5. The bidder should be qualified as a general VAT taxpayer and be able to issue special VAT invoices; (Proof required)
4. Bid Bond
1. Bid deposit: 30000,<> RMB, paid in cash or bank wire transfer. The remittance information is as follows:
Remittance unit: Nantong Yangzi Carbon Co., Ltd
Bank: ICBC Nantong Tangzha Sub-branch
Account number: 1111823109000008990
2. Suppliers who have financial dealings with the company may issue a "Confirmation Letter of Transfer of Bid Deposit" and agree to transfer from the supplier's accounts receivable. After the Finance Department confirms the amount of arrears and goes through the procedures for locking up the arrears, it will be deemed to pay the bid deposit.
3. The bidding unit uploads the screenshot of the deposit payment voucher to the electronic bidding platform, and bids after being reviewed and approved by the company's finance department.
4. The bidding price is the unit price excluding tax repurchase (including on-site disassembly materials, transportation, labor, scaffolding, safety and other related costs).
5. The bid deposit of the unsuccessful unit will be returned according to the original path within 15 days after the end of the bidding.
5. Bidding method: within the specified time, bid through our company's online bidding platform.
VI. Bidding Documents and Bidding Time:
After paying the bidding deposit, upload the relevant vouchers to the company's online bidding platform, download the "Bidding Documents", and participate in the bidding in time according to the bidding time announced on the company's bidding platform.
7. Name, address and contact information of the bidding unit:
1. Unit name: Nantong Yangzi Carbon Co., Ltd
2. Address: No. 208, Tangzha West Street, Nantong City, Jiangsu Province
3. Zip Code: 226002
4. Contact: Wang Xingshan
5. Contact number: 0513-85559291, 13921615786
8. Company website:
Bidding platform:
Nantong Yangtze Carbon Co., Ltd

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