The company organizes voluntary blood donation activities


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From September 24 to 25, 2020, the company actively responded to the publicity and mobilization of the production control group, and organized employees of the company to carry out unpaid blood donation activities.

Dedication to love and public welfare
—The company organizes and carries out free blood donation activities
From September 2020 to 9, 24, the company actively responded to the publicity and mobilization of the production control group and organized employees to carry out free blood donation activities. The company attaches great importance to this free blood donation work, as one of the important contents of the construction of enterprise spiritual civilization, under the joint initiative of the company's trade union and Youth League Committee, all workshop departments actively publicized, widely mobilized, the majority of cadres and employees enthusiastically signed up to participate, a total of 25 people participated in this blood donation activity. Due to the large number of blood donors, the Nantong Blood Station decided to arrange blood donation vehicles and medical staff to collect blood door-to-door. At 106 a.m. on September 9, the Nantong Blood Station blood donation cart arrived at the company and actively prepared for the work, in addition, the company also provided each blood donor with a free nutritious meal in advance to show its support for the blood donation activity. Under the arrangement of medical staff, blood donors lined up, filled out forms, measured blood pressure, and tested blood in turn, and finally blood donors who met the requirements walked into the blood donation room and gave their love.
According to statistics, the total amount of blood donation this time is 21200 ml, and the employees of the enterprise have interpreted the power of love, conveyed the warmth of the world, and fully demonstrated the good social image of the enterprise with practical actions. Everyone said that donating blood for free is an honorable and noble thing, and they are extremely proud to think that their blood can save the lives of patients and make some contributions to society.

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