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In order to solve the transportation problem for employees commuting to and from get off work, our company has decided to rent a large bus (with a driver) to pick up and drop off employees. In line with the principles of fairness, justice, openness and voluntariness, we will conduct public bidding. Interested bus operating companies are welcome to participate in the bidding .

In order to solve the problem of employee commuting to work, our company decided to lease buses (with drivers) specifically responsible for picking up and dropping off employees, and conducted public bidding in line with the principles of fairness, justice, openness and voluntariness, and welcomed interested bus operating companies to participate in the bidding.
1. Name of the bidding project
2021 Employee Shuttle Car Rental Tender Project (see Tender Documents for details)
2. Qualification requirements for bidding units
1. Qualified suppliers registered and approved on our company's online bidding platform.
2. The bidder must be an independent legal person registered in China in accordance with the Company Law and other organizations registered according to law, with a registered capital of more than RMB 50,<>;
3. The bidder must have a valid Road Transport Business License issued by the road transport administration department, and the relevant qualification documents should be within the statutory validity period, and the copy should be clearly stamped with the bidder's official seal and signed by the authorized representative (the original is for reference).
4. Driver requirements: Commuter car drivers are required to hold a bus A1 driving license in Nantong area and obtain a driver's license for more than 5 years, aged 28 years old to under 60 years old, and provide social security certificates.
5. Engaged in unit passenger leasing services for 2 years or more (copy of business license), the deadline is November 2020, 11.
6. This project does not accept consortium bidding.
3. Bidding methods
1. Open bidding on the online bidding platform (please use Google Chrome version 65 and above for registration, login, bidding, etc.), and enter the platform bidding module for bidding.
2. Company website: www.ntcarbon.com Enter the "Company Bidding Platform", or enter the address directly:
3. The price quoted in this online public bidding is excluding tax, and the bidder must explain the invoice tax rate in the "Bidding Documents".
4. In accordance with the company's electronic bidding management measures and relevant laws and regulations, this bidding will issue a bidding invitation letter to the units that intend to participate and register on our company's online bidding platform and have the qualification conditions, if there are units that have not received the invitation letter, they can also register on the bidding platform by logging in to the company's official website, contact the project contact, and after qualification review, join through the application review of the public project, and bid on the online bidding platform.
4. Bid Bond
1. Bid deposit: 2000 RMB, paid in cash or bank wire transfer. The remittance information is as follows:
Remittance unit: Nantong Yangzi Carbon Co., Ltd
Bank: ICBC Nantong Tangzha Sub-branch
Account number: 1111823109000008990
2. Suppliers who have financial dealings with the company may issue a "Confirmation Letter of Transfer of Bid Deposit" to agree to transfer from the supplier's accounts receivable, and after the Finance Department confirms the amount of arrears and goes through the procedures for locking the arrears, it is deemed to pay the bid deposit.
3. The bidding unit uploads the screenshot of the deposit payment voucher to the electronic bidding platform, and bids after being reviewed and approved by the company's finance department.
4. The unit payment that has not won the bid will be fully refunded (without interest) within 20 working days after the end of the auction.
5. Bidding method
Bidding will be conducted through our online bidding and bidding platform within the specified time (see bidding documents for details).
6. Upload of bidding documents and bidding time
1. The bidders need to download the bidding documents in the online bidding platform, make the bidding documents according to the content and requirements of the bidding documents (the bidding documents do not include the price of the project, including the sealed bidding commitment), take photos and upload them into PDF files and upload them to the electronic platform "Bidding Documents".
2. Pay the bid deposit after the bidding documents are reviewed and approved by the bidding party.
7. Name, address and contact information of the bidding unit:
1. Unit name: Nantong Yangzi Carbon Co., Ltd
2. Address: No. 208, Tangzha West Street, Nantong City, Jiangsu Province
3. Zip Code: 226002
4. Contact: Fan Guiqing, Xu Dandan
5. Contact number: 0513-85559266, 85559398
6. Fax: 0513-85559268
7. Company website: http://www.ntcarbon.com,
Bidding platform:
Bidding unit: Nantong Yangtze Carbon Co., Ltd
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