Anti-epidemic has our company's party members and employees actively participating in voluntary service activities for epidemic prevention and control


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Since the outbreak of this round of epidemic, the Party Committee of Yangzi Carbon has actively responded to the city's call for "Double Registration and Registration", and organized the majority of party members and employees to sign up for the voluntary service activities of epidemic prevention and control.

Since the outbreak of the current round of the epidemic, the Yangtze Carbon Party Committee has actively responded to the call of the city's "double reporting to all in the city" activity, and organized the majority of party members and employees to sign up for volunteer service activities for epidemic prevention and control.
"Hello, please cooperate with us to measure body temperature", "Please wear masks", "Please prepare your ID card in advance"••
Qian Hongbin, secretary of the Guoyang Party Branch, contacted the Haodong community in Chengdong Street, where he lived, at the first time, and applied for volunteer service at the most difficult and complicated Beiyuan checkpoint. There are Beiyuan Community, Beijie New Village, Lotus Garden and other communities, as well as farmers' markets, rehabilitation hospitals and other public places, with a large flow of people and difficult prevention and control. According to the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, Secretary Qian Hongbin wore masks and disposable gloves, and carefully did a good job in checking the two yards, measuring temperature, checking various types of passes, etc., not only strictly controlling according to the requirements, but also trying his best to help residents in difficulty. In the afternoon of four consecutive days, Secretary Qian Hongbin volunteered for a total of 20 hours, and the party emblem shone in the epidemic prevention and control.
Tao Xin, a young cadre who joined the party from the first party branch of the branch, saw the street call in the WeChat group during his stay at home, and took the initiative to apply for volunteering in the Daqing community of Rengang Street to reduce the pressure on the community, and cooperated with medical staff in the Hongyun City Garden to manage the on-site order and screen the two-yard. During the period, it also helped many elderly people learn to register sampling codes, itinerary codes and nucleic acid results to improve the efficiency of follow-up on-site nucleic acid screening and contribute a small amount to reducing the work burden of medical workers.
Go retrograde and take the initiative. As of mid-April, more than 4 party members and employees of the company participated in volunteer activities through online or community on-site declaration, and more than 130 volunteers participated in community epidemic prevention and control work.  


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