Nantong Yangzi Carbon's 6th Staff (Member) Congress was successfully held


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Nantong Yangzi Carbon Co., Ltd.'s sixth employee (member) congress was held on the afternoon of June 15, 2021 in the conference room on the fourth floor of the labor union. This meeting is divided into two parts: the first part, the adoption of the "Explanation on the Company's Revision of Relevant Systems"; the second part, the election of the company's new labor union committee members, women's working committee members, and economic review committee members.

The first employee (member) congress of the sixth session of Nantong Yangtze Carbon Co., Ltd. was held in the conference room on the fourth floor of the trade union on the afternoon of June 2021, 6. The meeting was divided into two parts: the first part, the adoption of the "Information Note on the Company's Revision of Relevant Systems"; The second part is to elect the new members of the company's trade union committee, female working committee and economic examination committee.
In the first part of the agenda, the participants discussed and deliberated the documents of the conference in advance, and gave full recognition and support. The meeting heard and deliberated the "Explanation on the Company's Revision of Relevant Systems", "Measures for the Management of Remuneration Personnel Agreed by the Company", "Administrative Regulations on the Renewal of Labor Contracts by Employees", and "Measures for the Management of Paid Annual Leave for Employees of the Company" made by Lu Hui, member of the Party Committee and secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission of the Company. Through the joint efforts of the delegates, the scheduled agenda of the conference was successfully completed, and all delegates at the meeting voted by a show of hands and agreed to the above plan. The meeting believed: the company's management led all cadres and employees to adhere to and face difficulties together, through reform and innovation, cost reduction and efficiency increase, strengthen management, optimize assessment and other specific measures, continuously improve labor efficiency and work efficiency, enhance enterprise competitiveness, to ensure that the company's production and operation development has maintained a relatively stable trend, the meeting requirements: the current business situation is not easy, all cadres and employees should redouble their cherishing and efforts, we must closely focus on the company's 2021 "Continue to deepen reform, improve labor efficiency, ensure survival; Strictly manage and assess, improve cadres' responsibilities, and make up for shortcomings; Benchmark advanced enterprises, dig deep internal potential, promote development", further unify thinking, strengthen confidence, ride on the momentum, and strive to complete various work goals.
In the second part of the trade union change agenda, Cheng Gang, deputy secretary of the party committee of the industrial control group and chairman of the trade union federation, was specially invited to attend the meeting. This part is divided into three parts: first, Lu Hui, member of the company's party committee and secretary of the discipline inspection commission, made the "work report of the company's fifth trade union committee"; Secondly, Guo Xiaoli, director of the Economic Review Committee of the company's trade union, made the "Work Report of the Funds Review Committee" of the fifth trade union; Finally, Comrade Lu Hui read out and adopted the "Election Measures" (draft) and the list of superintendent voters and scrutineers.
After an open, fair and impartial election, a new leadership team of the trade union was finally elected, and the list is as follows:
The list of elected members of the Sixth Trade Union Committee: Lu Hui, Lian Fengli, Peng Li, Qian Hongbin, Ding Guiqing, Bao Zhiming, Zhang Zhijun, Zhang Junming, Long Long, and Zhou Lijun.
The list of elected members of the 6th Women's Working Committee: Long Long, Zhou Lijun, Peng Li, Guo Xiaoli, Gu Dongling, Chen Ling, Zhu Jing, Yan Aiping.
The list of elected members of the sixth economic examination committee: Guo Xiaoli, Zhou Lijun, Jiang Yang.
Subsequently, the first plenary meeting of the sixth trade union committee of the company was held, Comrade Lu Hui was elected as the chairman of the current trade union, Comrade Long Long was elected as the director of the current female working committee, and Comrade Guo Xiaoli was elected as the director of the current economic examination committee.
Comrade Lu Hui, as a representative of the company's new trade union members, made a speech, saying: The new trade union committee will conscientiously implement the "Trade Union Law", closely focus on obeying the leadership of the party committee, taking service production and operation work as the core, and caring for the thinking, work, and life of the masses of workers as the center, conscientiously perform the duties of trade union organizations, and create a new situation in the company's trade union work. We will certainly live up to the expectations of leaders at all levels, all deputies and the masses of workers, seize opportunities, emancipate our minds, seek truth from facts, keep pace with the times, strive to do a good job in all aspects of the company's trade union, so as to promote the smooth development of all work of the enterprise, and repay the trust of all leaders and all deputies with a pragmatic style and down-to-earth work.
Subsequently, Liu Ming, secretary of the party committee and chairman of the company, said: The change of trade union is a major event in the political life of the majority of employees, and it is also a major event in the history of the company's development. On behalf of the company's party committee and management team, he extended warm congratulations to the newly elected members of the trade union committee, female staff committee and fund review committee of the company's trade union! At the same time, several suggestions were also put forward for the work of the new trade union: First, we should fully understand the importance of doing a good job in trade union work under the new situation, increase the intensity of coordinating labor relations, build a stable and harmonious development environment for the company, and maintain social stability and harmony. Second, it should focus on the center of the enterprise to realize the innovation and development of the company's trade union work. Vigorously publicize the importance of the company's development, enhance the sense of responsibility and mission of the majority of employees, organize and guide employees to actively carry out mass production and technological innovation activities, and carry out technological innovation, post training and labor competition activities. At the same time, it is necessary to arm employees with modern scientific and cultural knowledge, actively carry out mass technical skills learning and practice, and make the majority of employees become high-quality workers who meet the development requirements of the company. Third, we should strive to improve the level of democratic management of enterprises, actively create a harmonious and stable development environment for enterprises, and actively educate and guide the vast number of employees to correctly handle the relationship between individual interests and collective interests, immediate interests and long-term interests. 4. The company's trade union should continue to actively carry out various warmth sending activities, timely understand and grasp the voices of employees, strengthen guidance and services, and strive to help employees solve practical difficulties. Maintain the stability of the workforce and create a harmonious and stable environment for enterprise development. We must make employees have a sense of identity and belonging to the enterprise.
Finally, Comrade Cheng Gang, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Industrial Control Group and Chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions, made a final speech, saying: Nantong Yangzi Carbon Co., Ltd. conducted a democratic election of the new trade union committee in accordance with organizational principles and procedures, and the sixth trade union was successfully reelected. On behalf of the Federation of Trade Unions of the Industrial Control Group, he expressed warm congratulations to the members of the new trade union committee of Nantong Yangzi Carbon, and also expressed his heartfelt thanks to the contribution made by the previous trade union in the work development and construction of Nantong Yangzi Carbon, and expressed cordial condolences to the comrades who worked hard for the change of the trade union.
Chairman Cheng Gang fully affirmed the achievements of the previous trade union, he believed: in the past time, Yangtze Carbon Trade Union can take the work of Nantong Federation of Trade Unions and the Federation of Trade Unions of Industrial Control Group as the guide, effectively focus on the company's development center, focus on serving production and serving employees, unremittingly do a good job in the study of political theory, and continuously improve the ideological and moral quality, technical and business quality of the vast number of cadres and workers; Take the initiative to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of cadres and employees, and earnestly care for the living conditions of cadres and employees; The cultural and sports activities of employees have been vigorously carried out, and the results of on-the-job training have been obvious. This series of work beneficial to the development of the company has enhanced the cohesion, centripetal force and combat effectiveness of Yangzi Carbon, mobilized and exerted the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of the majority of employees, and made positive contributions to accelerating the good and rapid development of Nantong Yangzi Carbon. The Federation of Trade Unions of the Production Control Group is satisfied with the work of the Yangtze Carbon Trade Union.
In addition, he also put forward ardent expectations for the work of the company's new trade union, pointing out: The new trade union should continue to organize and educate employees to exercise democratic rights in accordance with the law, give play to the role of masters, and lead employees to participate in the company's production and development and other affairs through various channels and forms, and play a good role as a bridge and link. First of all, we must closely link with reality, enhance service awareness, and serve employees wholeheartedly; Second, it is necessary to properly handle the relationship between trade unions and party committees, trade unions and workers, and strive to complete production tasks and work tasks; Third, it is necessary to do a good job in building trade unions themselves, carry out various activities in depth, and actively organize trade union activities that are colorful, diverse, and of significance.
The work of the trade union is an organic part of the work of the company's party committee and an important guarantee for the smooth development of the company's production. The continuous advancement of the times has also constantly put forward new and higher requirements for the work of trade unions. Under the leadership of the company's Party Committee, the new trade union of Yangzi Carbon will strictly follow the provisions of the Trade Union Law and other relevant laws and regulations, earnestly respect the interests of employees, conscientiously perform their work duties, strive to strengthen their own construction, unite and lead the majority of employees to continuously explore and innovate, achieve new breakthroughs in trade union work at a high starting point, and create new achievements.
The Conference concluded successfully in a peaceful atmosphere.

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