Industry Control Group's golden autumn student aid warms people's hearts


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In the golden autumn season, the dream of helping students, and the students from the families of the workers in need affect the hearts of the leaders of the production control group company.

In the autumn season, students from families with difficult employees touched the hearts of the leaders of the Industrial Control Group Company.
On the afternoon of August 8, Zhang Jianhua, deputy general manager of the group, and others came to Yangzi Carbon to offer condolences for the autumn study assistance. Liu Ming, secretary of the company's party committee and chairman of the board, and Lu Hui, secretary of the discipline inspection commission and chairman of the labor union, reported to the leaders the situation of the children of the company's employees in difficulty. The Industrial Control Group has always regarded the Golden Autumn Education Aid Activity as an important part of caring for the growth of children from poor families, effectively solving practical difficulties for employees of various enterprises, better mobilizing the enthusiasm and creativity of the majority of employees, and making employees feel the warmth and love of the big family.

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