Yangzi Carbon solidly carried out a series of "5·10" warning education activities


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In order to further thoroughly implement the "Opinions on Strengthening the Construction of a Clean Culture in the New Era", promote the construction of Yangzi Carbon's clean government culture, and promote and pass on the concepts of clean business and clean self-cultivation, the company's Disciplinary Committee organized and carried out the city's The 15th "5·10" Integrity Day Activity Notice" required that a series of anti-corruption warning education activities with the theme of "clean enterprise, you and I build together" be carried out.

In order to further implement the "Opinions on Strengthening the Construction of a Culture of Integrity in the New Era", promote the construction of Yangtze Carbon culture of clean government, and carry forward and transmit the concept of honest practice and self-cultivation, the Discipline Inspection Commission of the Company carried out a series of anti-corruption warning education activities with the theme of "Clean Enterprise, You and I Build Together" in accordance with the requirements of the Notice of the Nantong Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China and the Nantong Municipal Supervision Commission on Organizing and Carrying out the 5th "May 10" Thinking Day Activities in the City.
"Seeing and thinking and keeping integrity" - integrity education changes the style of work. On May 5, party members and cadres of the company were organized to watch the warning education feature film "The Life of "Melting" and Broken", write warning speeches, and often think about the harm of greed. Guide Party members and cadres to draw lessons from typical cases, so as to know and respect each other, guard against fear, know the bottom line, abide by principles, build a solid foundation of faith, tighten the strings of discipline, and achieve self-respect, self-examination, self-vigilance, and self-encouragement in their work.
"Learning and Understanding • Building Integrity" - Integrity Lecture Strong Standing. On May 10th, by video conference, Zhu Jun, member of the Standing Committee and Supervision Committee of the Nantong Discipline Inspection Commission, listened to the special integrity lecture organized by the Industry Control Group with "anti-corruption is always on the road, eight regulations in mind", which played a positive role in promoting all party-member leading cadres of the company to improve their political standing, guard the "main position", plant "responsibility fields", and strengthen integrity education.
"Listening and Thinking, Cultivating Honesty" -- warning education to be upright and clean. On 5 May, Lu Hui, secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission, stressed at the meeting that it is necessary to continue to consolidate the achievements of the May 10 "Thinking Honesty Day" series of activities, take warning education as an important starting point for strictly managing the party and strengthening the discipline and law education among party members and cadres, integrate it into the party's organizational life, solidly carry out the construction of this year's efficiency supervision action style, and unremittingly push forward the comprehensive strict management of the party in depth. Establish a long-term mechanism for building a culture of integrity, strengthen awareness of rules, be cautious and disciplined, correctly handle the relationship between public and private, righteousness and profit, gain and loss, tighten the string of discipline, and guard the bottom line of integrity.
"Reading and Writing, Enlightenment" - Learning and thinking and practicing the rules. During May, each branch organized party-member cadres to study in depth the book "The Way of Wise Officials of Jiangsu Dynasties", continued to strengthen the party-member cadres' study of the Constitution of the Communist Party of China, the Regulations of the Communist Party of China on Disciplinary Measures, the Regulations of the Communist Party of China on Intra-Party Supervision, the Regulations on the Accountability of the Communist Party of China, the Supervision Law of the People's Republic of China and other relevant laws and regulations, and continuously enhanced their ideological consciousness of honest administration, honest use of power, honest self-cultivation, and clean family.
"Observation and Understanding, Cultivating Honesty" - Realistic Education Builds Party Spirit. According to the epidemic prevention and control requirements of the relevant party style and integrity education bases, combined with the actual situation of the company, we have successively carried out visits to the integrity bases, and organized party members and cadres to receive on-site integrity education. Take the real-life warning education as an opportunity to feel the culture of honesty in the silence of moisturizing things, strengthen the awareness of honesty in the cultivation of the mind and body, build a solid ideological defense line against corruption and degeneration, and ensure that the alarm bell rings for a long time.
It is understood that the "5.31" series of activities of Thinking Integrity Day is an important part of the construction of Yangzi's carbon integrity culture, and it is also an important starting point for creating a good political ecology of "clean air and entrepreneurship". In the second half of the year, Yangzi Carbon will take the activities of "changing work style, improving ability, and grasping implementation" as the starting point, combined with the annual work plan, focus on promoting efficiency supervision and performance assessment, investigating and laying out problems, rectifying and implementing, summarizing experience, and forging a high-quality party member cadre team with feelings, passion, ideas, and wants to do things, can do things, and do things.


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