Caring for employee safety and creating a safe enterprise


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June of this year is the 21st "National Safety Production Month". Safety education is an important task that the company always pays attention to, and safety knowledge is an essential skill for employees.

——The company's labor union successfully held the 2022 safety knowledge competition

June this year is the 6st "National Safety Production Month", safety education is an important work that the company always grasps unremittingly, and safety knowledge is a basic skill necessary for employees. In order to further strengthen the company's safety education work, promote employees to deeply study and understand the basic connotation and spiritual essence of the "New Security Law", and effectively enhance employees' safety awareness, the company's labor union organized a safety knowledge competition with the theme of "caring for employee safety and creating a safe enterprise" on the afternoon of June 6.
The content of the competition topics is mainly from the "Work Safety Law of the People's Republic of China" (September 28, 2021 edition), "Compilation of Company Safety Rules and Regulations", and "Company Employee Safety Handbook", and the competition is divided into three parts: compulsory questions, preemptive questions and risk questions. Each branch attached great importance to this competition, and through extensive mobilization and organization of selection, each team selected 9 players to participate in the competition. After fierce competition, the mobile branch won the first prize of the group of this competition, the first branch of the branch won the second prize of the group, the second branch of the department won the third prize of the group, and the rest were excellent organization awards. In order to enliven the on-site atmosphere and increase interaction, the competition site also set up a "audience answer questions and win awards" session.
Through the development of this safety knowledge competition, the enthusiasm, initiative and extensiveness of all employees to learn safety knowledge have been fully mobilized, and through the active participation of the majority of employees, employee safety self-education has been realized and the effect of safety education has been enhanced.


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