To be a qualified party member must start from studying the party constitution


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This year, the Party Central Committee carried out the study and education of "learning the party constitution and rules, learning the series of speeches, and becoming a qualified party member" among all party members. To be a qualified party member, you need to start from studying the party constitution. With a mission to learn, there is motivation. It is the duty of party members to study the party's line, principles, policies and resolutions, and to learn the basic knowledge of the party. The party constitution is the party's general constitution, which embodies the party's nature, purpose, theory, line, principles and policies, and the party's important propositions, and stipulates the party's important systems and mechanisms.

This year, the CPC Central Committee launched a study and education among all party members on "studying the party constitution, party rules, and a series of speeches and becoming qualified party members", which has clarified the basic principles of doing things for each party member and pointed out the path for us to become qualified party members. To be a qualified party member, you need to start by studying the party constitution well.

Learn with a mission, be motivated. It is the duty of Party members to study the Party's line, principles, policies, and resolutions, and to study the Party's basic knowledge. The party constitution is the general constitution of the party, which embodies the nature, purpose, theory, line, principles and policies of the party, the important propositions of the party, stipulates the important systems and institutional mechanisms of the party, and is the fundamental code of conduct that the whole party must abide by. Only by studying with a mission can we maintain eternal motivation and passion in the process of learning and assume the responsibilities and obligations of Party members.

Learn with problems, with depth. Learning without problems is dead learning, superficial learning. The purpose of studying the Party Constitution is to improve the cultivation of Party spirit and give better play to the vanguard and exemplary role of Party members, and to ensure that our work always advances in the correct direction guided by the Party's basic theory, basic line, basic program, and basic experience. Therefore, if we want to study the Party Constitution in depth, we should use the Party Constitution as a mirror, analyze ourselves, and study with the problems existing in the cultivation of our own Party spirit; We should take the party constitution as the banner, clearly understand reality, study with problems existing in work, promote learning by questioning, and solve problems with learning.

With methodology, there is an effect. If the learning method is appropriate, the learning effect is doubled with half the effort. If we want to study the party constitution well, we must also pay attention to methods and methods. For us ordinary party members, first, we must read the original works word by word, learn the original texts, understand the principles, and keep the party constitution in mind during repeated reading, which is the basis for studying the party constitution well; Second, it is necessary to combine the study of party history and reality, study the party constitution objectively, impartially and vividly, and deepen the study of the party constitution; Third, it is necessary to actively participate in concentrated study and strengthen the study of the party constitution through special party classes, study seminars, and other methods.

In short, in order to be a qualified party member, we must study the party constitution in a deep, comprehensive and systematic manner, strive to truly learn, understand, believe and apply, always maintain the advanced and pure nature of party members, and unite and lead the vast number of employees to promote the healthy development of various undertakings.

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